Facts About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Jan 5th, 2021

Common COVID Vaccine Q&A:

1. Can you get this vaccine if you are in quarantine due to an exposure with a positive COVID-19 case?
You should delay your vaccination if you have had a known SARS-CoV-2 (virus that causes COVID-19) exposure until your quarantine period has ended, unless residing in a congregate setting (health care/long-term care facility, correctional facility, homeless shelter, etc.).

2. Should you have a pregnancy test or antibody test prior to receiving the vaccine?
Routine testing for pregnancy or antibody tests is not recommended in relation to vaccine use.

3. Can you get the flu shot and COVID-19 vaccine at the same time?
There is no information on co-administration of this COVID-19 vaccine with other vaccines. The Pfizer vaccine should be spaced at least 14 days from any other vaccine.

For more information, visit https://covidvaccine.mo.gov/facts/#effectiveness.

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