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The STD/HIV Prevention Program focuses on helping people understand their risk for STD/HIV infection and reduces their risk for becoming infected or infecting others. Social marketing is an important part of all STD/HIV prevention, and is accomplished by gaining an understanding of how and why target audiences behave as they do, convincing individuals to exchange unhealthy behaviors for healthy ones by showing the benefits of change and strategic management of prevention programs. This is accomplished through various programs offered by BCHD:

STD/HIV Health Education/Risk Reduction: Health education projects such as evidence-based interventions for persons at risk of, or infected with an STD, resource center with video and pamphlets and collaborative projects with other state and local agencies who have an interest in STD/HIV prevention for those most at risk.

Community Education: Public information programs, literature placement and skill building programs in group and individual settings.

Community Planning: This is a participatory process where the Department of Health and Senior Services and BCHD work together with other local communities to plan for interventions that will reach those at greatest risk for HIV and other STD’s. The Community Planning Group relies on strong collaboration and partnerships with state and local government, schools, faith communities, at-risk populations and community based organizations.

Early Intervention: Individuals are provided with the opportunity to learn their STD/HIV status, gain understanding of risky behaviors, develop strategies that may lower risk and learn about resources to support these healthier decisions.

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