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A Homeowner’s Guide to Major Repairs or New installation of a Sewage System

Senate Bill 446 established State Statue 701.025 through 701.059. This Statute required the Missouri Department of Health to establish standards and procedures for:

  • Construction or repair of on-site sewage systems.
  • Investigation of sewage system complaints.
  • Registration and training of sewage system installers.
  • Provide list of registered installers.
  • Listing of individuals qualified to perform soil morphology evaluations.

The Butler County Health Department is the regulating authority in Butler County Missouri.

The Butler County Health Department does not design on site septic systems. We do offer technical assistance and advice for those who request it.

The permit that is referred to is the Missouri Department of Health On Site Sewage Disposal System Construction Permit. If the information is completed correctly on this application and the fee is paid this permit is issued to the Local Health Department.

Once this permit is received by the Butler County Health Department along with the Soil Morphology Report and the completed application packet from the owner or installer, Environmental Public Health Specialists from the Butler County Health Department review the application packet and make a visit to the site.

When the information and the site all meet the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services Regulations, the Butler County Health Department will issue the Construction Permit. This Construction Permit is valid for one (1) calendar year. This Construction Permit, must be displayed at the construction site while any of this type work is being conducted.

Once this system has been installed, the Butler County Health Department will make a final site inspection of the system.

If the State Permit is not purchased, if the soils report indicates the soil is unsuitable, if the application packet is not completed correctly, or not turned in, if the proposed system does not meet the regulations, the Construction Permit will not be issued.

Soil Morphology

Only a Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services registered soil scientist may perform soil morphology evaluations for the purpose of design and construction of an On-Site Sewage Disposal System.   You may find a current listing of Registered On-Site Soil Evaluators in Butler County.

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